Why We Should Give Free Money to Everyone — Utopia for Realists

I have been thinking about this a lot lately as my situation fluctuates. Could this be the political season when the right and proven thing to do gets done? I have a plan and here it goes:

  1. I would provide every non-incarcerated US Citizen an no-holes barred income of $26,000/yr for most Americans, such as those that live in our region or in Lee County, Alabama and $36,400/yr for more expensive places like most of the urban Northeast, including NYC, Boston, DC, Baltimore, Philly, etc., Silicon Valley, most of California, Chicagoland, Hawaii, South Florida, and Sea-Tac.
  2. This income would be free of Federal, State, and Local Income Taxes with anything above it taxed at 10% up to $100K, then 25% afterwards. Medicaid would also be automatic for those at this income level with Medicare kicking in afterwards up to 1.5x levels.
  3. This would replace SNAP, Section 8, AFDC, and in some places (not in NC/SC) direct cash welfare.
  4. How you spend the money or not spend it is up to you as long as it’s for legally purchasable items.
  5. Current DSS employees involved in administration of these programs will be retrained to be involved in counseling, intervention, and non-bureaucratic matters.

How it it paid for. OK, there are savings involved in reduced hidden social costs of doing what is done now, including criminal justice and policing. I would also raise taxes on people that can afford it, but may not want to due to the “low tax conditioning” provided by the body politic. Our founding fathers wanted to keep the Church and the State separate because each have their place and are important, but do not mix well together; this also includes Biblical references that usually get twisted for means that justify ends.

Finally, it goes without saying that most people I know, including myself, are much happier with some greenbacks and change in their pocket. When you are happy, crime tends to be far from the mind. I see nothing wrong with being happy, and YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU!

London, May 2009 — An experiment is underway. Its subjects: 13 homeless men. They are veterans of the street. Some have been sleeping on…

Source: Why We Should Give Free Money to Everyone — Utopia for Realists

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The power of electricity to heal thee…ADDENDA

My initial post on this subject had these words in Para. 2:

As to their claims of FDA approval, this is a difficult one to fact check because they haven’t provided the information needed such as medical device category or a product code.

Bemer FDA pageI did find that information after it was pointed out to me by said friend {visible on the left}. What is important to note is that the FDA classification is at a level that is considered low or moderate risk, and by definition not designed or marketed to prevent or cure any disease. This is carefully noted in their literature.

As for the report, let’s just say that I have been known to get on people’s nerves about certain things;

frankly no one else has given me such a difficult time

Oh well. Because of this, I probably won’t get to try it out for myself.

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Small device could replace your standard CPAP machine

As a daily CPAP user of the model listed below; wouldn’t want to think where I would be without it.

HDresmedairsense10cpapmachineI so want one of these. This new concept in the linked story addresses many issues with CPAP therapy. This is not a real product yet until the FDA says it is, so no insurance of any kind is going to cover it, but they have a plan for that. I have checked out their webpage and am a bit skeptical as they are not as close to a working product as the linked story would have you believe.

There is another system that goes about it differently. It isHDwinxsystem called the Winx® Sleep Therapy System.
It uses a mouthpiece to deliver a system that pulls back the tongue to allow normal air breathing. It requires the ability to breathe through the nose without mouth breathing, which I can’t do; this may explain why this option wasn’t considered during my sleep study process over a year ago. BTW, the cost is $1,595, which is much more than the cost of CPAP machines and not covered by most insurances or Medicare, which is a show stopper for most people I know.

The Airing weighs less than an ounce and fits in the palm of your hand. Learn more on Truckers News.

Source: Small device could replace your standard CPAP machine

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Judge Says IP Address Doesn’t Prove Anything in Piracy Case

This story is personal to me because I was accused of something I didn’t do or authorize. It turned out that someone had hacked into the router I had at that time and changed the password so I couldn’t stop them or see where they came from. The setup I have now is TWC modem/router and have no problems, but there is a fee to use it, cost of doing high speed (for Charlotte anyway) Internet. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and their ilk are trying to put the genie back in the bottle as far as digital media and distribution. Besides, I am not much of a movie person.

What do you do lesson of a recently dismissed federal case, which raises the burden of proof that copyright owner must meet in order to hold you accountable for infringement.

Source: Judge Says IP Address Doesn’t Prove Anything in Piracy Case

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Li-Fi: Lighting the Future of Wireless Networks

When this came in my TimeLine, it was a Today I Learned moment. This is my comment at the end of the article:

Sounds to me that LiFi could be a replacement to or potentially merge with Bluetooth, as both services are high-speed and short range. Needs OS support, such as Android, Windows, and iOS for it to take off, as it uses different transceivers than radio frequencies such as WiFi and cellular.

Brian Sebele looks at Li-Fi, a way to use light signals to send data, and how it fits into the world of the Internet of Things, Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

Source: Li-Fi: Lighting the Future of Wireless Networks

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Why Hillary Clinton and Obamacare Will Not Solve the Health Care Crisis

Medical Collection Debt

What you see on the left is an actual collection letter authorized by the dominant medical system locally. Part of the sales job that is the Affordable Care Act “Obamacare” is the ability to rein costs, cover most people (not everybody), and allow to see the doctor when needed. The dirty little secret is that it does none of these things very well, and that seems to be OK with the current electorate at best, and part of which would return to the no insurance days of yesteryear. Keeping it 💯 “100” requires more substantive dialog than any of the 3 major candidates will provide.

How do we change the conversation [disclosure: have a very personal interest in this topic] ? Hit me up and lets chat.


While it has done a lot of good, the Affordable Care Act is not a long-term solution to the US health care crisis. P.S. #feelthebern

Source: Why Hillary Clinton and Obamacare Will Not Solve the Health Care Crisis

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How HIPAA Can Maintain Privacy, Enable Exchange of Electronic Health Records and Improve Patient Care at the Same Time – AARP

Being of AARP age and also a consumer in the ‘healthcare’ system that we have in America, the barriers for full adoption of a now 20 year old law remain, and they shouldn’t. I guess there is not enough money in doing the Portability part of the HIPAA. The whole reason for digital is to be more accurate, save money, and prevent unnecessary medications and side effects. It isn’t like this is new code, and all health providers must play along, size is not an excuse for compliance. There has to be a better way, and this article makes their case for it.

Source: How HIPAA Can Maintain Privacy, Enable Exchange of Electronic Health Records and Improve Patient Care at the Same Time – AARP

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When Billionaires Control the Media | Diane Ravitch’s blog

mediafrontlogoMy only hope here is that I am not influential enough to warrant their attention, or at least have enough to defend myself. This should not be a situation in 2016 America, but it is.


The New York Times wrote  about the control of the mass media by billionaires, an issue that should concern us all. Not only do they own the media, some use it to promote their financial self-inter…

Source: When Billionaires Control the Media | Diane Ravitch’s blog

PS I have always listened to people who have forgotten more about a subject than I will ever know. Ms Ravitch fits that discription.

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Is the Health Insurance Industry Heading on a ‘Death March?’

This is not surprising, given the political realities of passing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to begin with. North Carolina and all states that touch it made the decision to dispense with expanded Medicaid, even though it was paid for in the first 3 years of its existence. Their excuses are very lame and politically motivated, but that is life. As for this author, the choice of passable healthcare should not be determined by geography in the United States of America.

The health insurance industry has been undergoing tremendous reforms in recent years due to new federal regulations including the Affordable Care Act.

Source: Is the Health Insurance Industry Heading on a ‘Death March?’

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